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The Showbizzshop tries to combine all superbe,marvelous, sparkling and high quality supplies to create your very own dream costumes.

  • All kinds of ribbons and gallons.
  • Sequins in all sizes.
  • Rhinestones in all colors, sizes and shapes.
  • Applications with sequins, pearls, stones and simply in lace.
  • Foam materials.
  • Glitter canvas pro meter.
  • Decorative studs and shoulder pats.
  • Trimmings in stones, plastic, acrylic, cotton, feathers, sequins.
  • Feathers, boas, lose feathers.
  • Iron naked frames to make your own backpack or shoulder piece.
  • Iron to make frames.
  • LED light.

Please come and check our Webshop, stay tuned, every week new items.

All the time new arrivals.

Do not miss out on our high standard supplies.